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tv   BBC World News  WHUT  February 17, 2010 7:00am-7:30am EST

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>> union bank has put its global financial strength to work for a wide range of companies. what can we do for you? >> and now "bbc world news." >> this is "gmt" on "bbc world news." evidence mounts that an israeli hit squad fired off the killing since a hamas men in dubai. a new relationship with syria is
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being built. more trouble for the toyota corolla. planningfor the future, nicolas sarkozy, what lessons can be learned from the earthquake? back on the airwaves or a phony war? software giants are fighting it out in barcelona. the finger of suspicion is being pointed towards israel. did a hit squad from an israeli service kill a hamas commander in dubai? british israeli citizens say they are shocked to have been linked to the murder. britain and ireland said that the passports used by the alleged killers are false.
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camden smith reports on a plot worthy of a spy novel. >> 11 members of a ruthless hit squad. all of them were traveling and european passport. these documents, including six british tax -- passports, are thought to be forged or stolen. the target is seen here at the hotel check-in desk moments before his death. the tw men behind him are members of the hit squad. he was followed to his room where other members of the gang carried out the murder. experts think that this elaborate -- aborately time operation bared all the hallmarks of the israeli secret service. >> they knew, the way they
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arrived in separate flights in such. the way that they had him under surveillance and were able to get into his room, they did not use a explosive device or guns, but they did get themselves out of the country. >> agents steal real identities to escape proper security checks. >> imagine, the mossad cannot operate in dubai. they are derecognize israel. therefore, one has to operate under the skies -- the sky's -- disguise. >> questions are mounting about how innocent people's identities
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came to be stolen by this team of killers. >> in just a few minutes we will be hearing live from our jerusalem correspondent and our security correspondent. now, the toy iota and the other airlines of the day -- toyota and the other headlines of the day. >> the u.s. government is now investigating whether cuyahoga acted quickly enough when it recalled millis of vehicles -- whether or not toyota acted quickly enough when it recalled millions of vehicles. they are best eaten the possibility of another vehicle on the cuyahoga call role model. -- this time they are going over the possibility of another vehicle recall, the toy iota call role model -- toyota car roll lovrollla model.
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>> they are talking about how toyota is putting into all of its models the break override system. if you press the throttle and the brakes simultaneously, it will disengage. customers have been rattled, 8 million vehicles that having been recalled, many with problems over the accelerator, some with the brakes. >> ukraine has suspended the results of the election pending a challenge from the loser. she has alleged vote rigging of the international service has said that it was free of fraud. marin
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u.s. marines came under machine- gun fire in afghanistan from small groups of taliban fighters in bunkers as they tried to gain control of a town. meanwhile, british forces have stolen -- recovered a stash of stolen unifms, meaning that the taliban might have been trying to attack the skies as security personnel. >> americans are still trying to push in, where they are probably having a slower time in the british are in the north. just to give you in flavor -- give you a flavor of what's going on, they are being shot at by small groups, two 28 insurgents at a time. -- two to eight insurgents at a
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time. they are coming across a lot of these ied's. >> the pakistani foreign minister has confirmed that the senior afghan commander in taliban is very pleased at these developments. news yesterday from the u.s. and the man captured last week in karachi. an investigation into the death of alexander mcqueen shows that the hon one-celled in his wardrobe. he was discovered at his flat in central london last thursda he died as a result of the asphyxiation and hanging. the british police have arrested the broadcaster, ray gosling, on suspicion of murder, after he said in a documentary that he
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killed a former lover that was dying of aids. spain, their turn to feel the heat in europe as one of the economy's worst hit by the economic downturn, unemployment is around 20%. the prime minister is unveiling his new strategy for turning the country around. other states are worried that spain, like greece, could be driving down theingle currency. back to you, jonathan. >> thank you. hamas is selling range for one of the top commanders in -- without knowing -- vowing revenge for one of the deaths of their top commanders. we only got a quick look at these israeli commandos on line
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this morning, they seem to think that there is no doubt that this is an israeli operation. >> certainly, israelis like to think of mossad as having a long arm, the fact that it can reach the enemies of israel anywhere, anytime, no matter where they are hiding. the real question is -- who really did it? according to the israeli prime minister, there is no prove that it was mossad and that any other country could have performed it. stealing identities, the question is with day, in this case, have chosen israeli british citizens to point the finger at? theyay that they are scared and want their lives back and that they have nothing to do with this case.
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at least four british israeli men. >> thank you so much. diplomatic repercussions if it is found to lead back to israel? >> it is a matter of serious concern, the matter of british identities and passports at this case about they have been careful not to point the finger at israel publicly and they do not want to jump to conclusions, rather wanting to wait and see where that evidence leads but of course this is particularly murky and it might be hard to get the kind of hard evidence that will allow it to make a formal, diplomatic protest, but there is certainly a great deal of concern here. >> israel has done this before, has it not? i used as ports of people and names of details that happen to have dual nationality? >> that is right, they have also use canadian passports, they tried to get hold of some new
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zealand passports, going all the way back to the 1970's where they used british passports in an operation in beirut. what is interesting is that in the modern world of databases, it is far easier to p together this information and trace the movements of people, as we saw the police in dubai did effectively in their investigation. so, it is making it harder to assume a different identity. it is quite surprising that they would do this and leave a trail back to israeli citizens, which is bound to cause consternation in israel. >> thank you both very much indeed. from the united states, state funders of terror, syria is the target of a new diplomatic offensive. the secretary of state for political affairs in the mess
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this gave a talk 24 hours after president obama named rutherford as the first ambassador to the area in five years. it is syria really coming in from the cold? >> after three functioning aircraft, syrian air has left the fleet from u.s. sanction. high-tech, agents for ibm. >> we are talking about laptops, computers, servers. applications, anything, you cannot now ship to syria. >> of the u.s. blocks any transaction -- >> the u.s. blocks any transaction to a syrian bank. >> if we are talking psychologically, the damage has been done in it has been very effective.
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>> there is no shortage of american brands if you can afford them, made by countries other than the u.s.. the obama administration said that they are trying to be more flexible than president bush, but lifting sanctions requires constant vigilance from congress. thateems as far away as ever. >> the u.s. considers as follows. >> [unintelligible] >> the syrian government sees hamas and hezbollah as resistant
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movements against israel. the u.s. labels them terrorists. president obama's middle east envoy met here recently, meeting the syrian president for the third time in one year. prospects of momentum to repair damage relations, but the reality seems to be that the bulk of sanctions are here to stay. >> you are watching "gmt" with john and charles. coming up, a good night for lady gaga. she scored a hat trick in the british music calendar. argentina says they are proposing new controls on shipping to the falkland islands in the atlantic, the latest salvo in a growing dispute with
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britain over the rights to drill for oil there. argentinian -- the two nations went to war over the falkland island -- falkland islands in 1982. >> there is an estimated 60 billion barrels of oil in the sea around the fall plans, and it really is arriving soon -- falklands, and a reagan is arriving soon -- and a reagan -- and an oil rig is arriving soon. argentina still lays claim to the entire south of let the continental shelf. for now, any ship that wants to travel between argentina and the falcons must get permission, as must any other vessel headed for british controlled islands in
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the south of lentic. >> traveling between ports or across argentinian waters, loading cargo to take it there, they will meet authorizations from argentina. >> what are the consequences of raising such an order? argentina has not yet said. they are, for now, important partners. there have been pacifying words from the british embassy, quoted as saying that argentina of's laws are its own matter, but that it will love -- argentina's laws are its own matter, but that it will not put the u.k. off its plans. >> this is "gmt" from "bbc world
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news." 7 israelis named as suspects in the killing of a hamas commander in dubai last month, people claiming their identitiesere stolen by them. syria, talks continue. five weeks after the earthquake in haiti, the french president is visiting today they plan to rebuild the country. much of the work in supplying aid to hundreds of thousands of haitians are being performed by the u.s. military. part of a team to organize the logistics of getting aid to the survivors. >> our job is to help the command, helping to sustain the troops coming in and of the troops going out of the country in addition to helping the
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people get back on their feet. >> what was it like when you first arrived? >> their capabilities were limited. this was a small airport. they were going from a couple of dozen flights per day to over 100 per day and you can do that overnight. likewise, port-au-prince, it took a lot of damage. the new have to rebuild before you can push out. -- you have to rebuild before you can push out. before operations got dellinger, things became very organized -- before operations adopted go well, things became very organized. -- before operations got going, things became very organized. but it cannot be done overnight. >> five weeks on, time to start
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thinking about the lessons to be learned from the way that agencies have handled this? >> you are right, we have to learn that the humanitarian crisis and that we will have to face in the future will have to be handled by a far wider range than the community we have now. for example, we must engage more effectively with it the military. we must see them bring in the corporate sector more effectively. we need to look at the united nations and have them really deal with the kind of anticipation and innovation that we need to deal with it. >> we saw an american soldier heavily involved in view -- in the relief effort, as they often have been. some people i've suggested is that perhaps the un should have a standing military force to be
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used in this kind of scenario. >> i think that the role of the un should be to warn the long term community of the long term threatsf wch have to face, long term. the fundamental role is to become an advocate, over at the un, for the humanitarian sector, including the military and the corporate sector as well as the traditional humanitarian arm to engage in joint preparation for dealing with the kinds of futures we will have to face in the future. with that in mind, the united nations must be an advocate. they also have to serve as an innovator. the futures program that i represent is doing more and more work trying to get these scientists and humanitarian operators together. this should be a global initiative that the united nations take charge of. >> do you think it we learn from
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these situations? we had all of this talk about days, we have had again over haiti. >> in a sense i think that the learning process is slo if you look to the future of our children and our children's children, what will be essential is saying that the way that we used to do things in the 20th- century really has to change in the 21st century. there must be a different form of collaboration, different ways of prioritizing and anticipating the kinds of crises that we will have to face in the future. >> dr. randolph, thank you for joining us today. battling it out to win customers, the world's biggest mobile phone giants -- google and microsoft amongst the big names, part of the crowd inhe mobile world congress in
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barcelona. rory jones was there, our technology correspondent. >> these mobile phones, do the whole world need them? here at the mobile world congress of they have lots of shiny new handsets headed abroad. the big battle is not over the hardware, however, but the software running on them. so, here is one of the many handsets, hewlett-packard design, another on the google enjoyed -- and droid -- android operating system. the nice thing here is that it has all of these different windows that i can go off love and as you of my friends are up to. but it is not just a fancy smart phones. here's something aimed at people that simply want to make
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phone calls. the makers see it as the iphone for the over 50. do not think too much of it, though. another sample from aimed at the developing world, sold across india and africa. this is the more expensive, $20 version, as opposed to the $15 version. it also has the ability to download and transfer money through mobile phone. this industry has even bigger ambitions, wanting to put these cards in two different devices. not just handsets. turning the entire car into a giant smart phone, right here in the dashboard, the car becomes its own wifi hot spot.
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it can get news, even download music. this is "bbc world news" marcello now. >> a flamboyant new yorker stole the show over nine, lady gaga took three awards at the most prestigious in british music. always throwing out a few controversies, it was no difference, here is our entertainment correspondent. >> and the winner is ♪ [singing] ♪ lady gaga! >> last night the american singer took home three awards, including best international female and international album. >> i love my fans, thank you.
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>> it was a big night for the ban, j-11, who won t debt -- for the boy band, j-11, who won two awards. >> we never thought this would happen. ♪ >> two artists who performed together at the ceremony also took fhome awards. dizzy also and machine each won awards. this year's recipient for outstanding contribution to british music went to robbie williams. >> generally a few punches are thrown, we did not get a mention
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of that. there are fears that several israeli born foreign citizens have been implicated in the killing of a hamas commander in to buy last month. newspapers are full o speculation that mossad was behind the attack. that is about it for this edition of "gmt." stay tuned for more hereon "bbc world news -- here on "bbc world news." >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. the newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. and union bank.
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